Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Run to Trenton, Ontario, Canada

Day 68 ... June 27, 2017 ... 55.1 miles traveled in 6:50
Loyalist Cove Marina, Bath, Ontario, Canada to Trent Port Marina, Trenton, ON, CA
We left the Hudson River at Waterford, off to the right in the pic
ran the Erie Canal to about the middle of the picture
turned north on the Oswego Canal and crossed Lake Ontario almost straight north
then ran to Trenton, On, CA, where we are now
We will take the Trent Severn Waterway (the zig-zag river, left of center) to Georgian Bay

heading out under gray dark sky; Firestorm ahead

Left Loyalist Cove, with Firestorm by 9am, heading SW on Aldophus Reach to Bay of Quinte and Trenton. We hope to get to Trenton, but that is another long day of travel at 55 miles, in a slow boat, with rain and thunderstorms in forecast. We have a place picked out half way if it gets uncomfortable.
Sanctuary & 2 other trawlers run with us for a while

Firestorm passing a Ferry Terminal

Not long after we head out, 3 trawlers come out from another Canadian check in point marina and start running with us. I think I see Day Dream ahead of them, but she is too far ahead to tell.
looks to be clearing ahead
The weather is not forecast to be great for the next five days, plus Saturday is July 1st, Canada Day. We have been told to stay put on Canada Day because the entire country is off work and out partying. Nice of them to throw Rip a birthday party! We booked a slip for a week, same price as five days, at Trent Port Marina. It is supposed to be a wonderful, upscale marina. Firestorm did the same.
the water level is incredibly high; reported at 35" to 4' high
many places there is no shoreline & tree trunks are in the waterway
Oh, forgot to mention, back on the Oswego Canal 3 days ago. As we left lock 2, the lock master told us the next lock only had one door functioning. As we approached lock 3, that lock master said to wait at the wall and he would notify us, on VHF, when he could get the lock ready for us. Our 3 boats tied to the wall to wait and I took Cally to shore for potty break. We saw Day Dream at the small town marina by lock 3 and said hi. They fit, at 25' feet. We wouldn't fit or if we did we would block the fairway for boats to get in or out. Within 15 mins or so, we were told to ready for the lock. All was repaired and both doors opened on each side for us! The things you do not think about ... stuff breaks and we wouldn't be able to go further for a while.
Waiting for a lock to be repaired
 Half the trip was dreary or raining. Sky's started to brighten off in the distance we are traveling. Finally, we hit sunny sky's, although more windy. Past Aldophus Reach to the Bay of Quinte, which with more fetch (distance over water the wind can travel to stir up waves) was a bit more bumpy. Heading into the waves was comfortable. If they were on the beam, side, it would be quite rolly. The three trawlers stopped mid point into Picton, ON. We pushed on. Day Dream is headed to Deseronto for the night. That was a bail out point for us if they weather turned. 
Sky finally brightens for a while

bridge across Bay of Quinte

the end of Bay of Quinte is in sight

The white area is our destination, Trent Port Marina
right there where the dark clouds are moving

Middle of the day brightened to quite a nice day, but dark clouds gathered around as we prepared to dock. Not a storm, just some scattered rain the rest of the day and night.

We had heard how nice this marina was, expectations were high and everyone was right. This, city owned/run marina is fairly new and spectacular. I will let the pics speak for themselves.

view to marina

view out to Bay of Quinte
and the point where fireworks barge will be Saturday night!
quite a swank facility

4 or 5 different sitting area

everything is immaculately landscaped & stunning

Day 69 ... June 28, 2017 ... 00 miles
Trent Port Marina, Trenton, ON
Today is the forecast as the nicest day for several. Lots of chores to do; 3 loads of laundry and boat cleaning plus lots of walks for Cally since she had two long traveling days without many long walks.
one of the town parks by the water

this little fella decided to rest while loopers chatted

We needed to purchase our Mooring Pass for Parks Canada so we can legally tie to the various park lock walls and through out the Canadian Park System. Firestorm rented a car for the week and graciously invited us to tag along with them to see Lock 1 of the Trent Severn Canal system to purchase the pass. We also received the update on all the high water, the fast currents and how things work. 
the Trent-Severn Waterway Gateway Bridge
we will go under this and on to lock 1 on Tuesday
we will come in on the water at the top of the picture

massive wood lock doors; water will fill so we can go
over the ledge and thru the doors once opened

view looking south where we will enter the lock

the north bound doors are opened manually; two people will hold the yellow handles and walk in a circled
to turn the mechanism that opens the doors. South bound doors are hydraulic.

By 5:00 pm, all the Loopers gathered on our dock for docktails. Half we knew, half were new to us. Some are staying only the night, some are staying longer than us.

All in all a busy, but good day.

Day 70 ... June 29, 2017 ... 00 miles
Trent Port Marina until Tuesday, 7/4/17
Started raining overnight and rain is forecast for all day, tomorrow and maybe Saturday. Glad we are staying put for a few more days.

Think this would be a fun trip but don't have a boat
this looks fun, safe and easy

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